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National Biodiversity Parks, Inc. is a federally designated non-profit land preservation and ecological management firm. NBP's novel approach is to preserve biodiversity through the improvement of critical habitats and, by accomplishing this mission, provide a more exciting, cutting edge, and participatory outdoor experience for the public; especially our youth.
Upland Sandpiper at Lakehurst Naval Base by Scott Elowitz
singing Grasshopper Sparrow at Lakehurst Naval Base by Scott Elowitz National Biodiversity Parks (NBP) shall rank properties with its unique ecological model that compares properties not only for their wildlife and natural asset value but also for their aesthetic and environmental education value. High ranking properties shall be acquired through synergistic partnerships with similarly visioned governmental and private groups with these "parks" providing our youth, students and the general public with a more meaningful outdoor experience.   

This experience will include designing and implementing environmental and edcuational projects through "park" partnerships with citizens, studying natural sciences with staff and visiting educators, and observing wildlife such as birds and reptiles through planned observation blinds and cams.

By strategically acquiring, restoring, and managing ecologically significant properties, NBP will increase populations of target taxa/species. "Parks" that produce interesting wildlife sightings will be able to provide one on one personal outdoor experiences that will instill a conservation ethic to visitors of all ages. Youngsters that discover their first turtle, heron, or beetle on their own can sometimes develop a life long interest in nature and environmental issues. These experiences will help foster a public conservation ethic that shall ultimately promote more habitat preservation, which in turn faciltates greater protection of biodiversity.

NBP has acquired, along with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF), a 355 acre property in Plumsted Township, Ocean County, NJ. This property borders the 1.4 million acre New Jersey Pinelands and contains varied wetland and upland habitat and very high biodiversity.

See a virtual tour of the property!

NBP is currently working on several conservation projects including the oak-pine buffer ecotone of the NJ Pine Barrens, the Highlands of NJ, the open space of NJ's Rahway River/Arthur Kill, critical habitat of the Ocelot in southern Texas, and the ecological "hotspot" of Costa Rica.


Pine Snake at Lakehurst Naval Base by Scott Elowitz

National Biodiversity Parks greatly appreciates support from ...

New Jersey Green Acres Program (see page 97 of document)
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Conservation Foundation