Green Mutual Funds for Individuals

We offer individuals, families and firms select Green Mutual Funds from our prestigious partners. These funds have either been closely designed with National Biodiversity Parks (NBP) input or have been reviewed by NBP. The funds have passed or exceeded standards and research criteria that establish they invest in products, projects and companies that are compatible with or support sustainable development and protection of biodiversity while maintaining financial responsibility.
As an investor in a green fund your capital is diversified, to reduce risk, in a broad mix of companies chosen for environmental, social, economic and financial reasons. As various natural resources increase in value and former inefficiencies that were ignored in many industries are addressed, the financial performance and societal benefits produced in many of these funds has increased.

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Candidate companies for fund inclusion are reviewed under a strict set of criteria that address issues such as the production/use of renewable energy versus non-renewable, protection of natural habitats and biodiversity, waste management, community support, company philosophy, agricultural practices, strength of financials, secular or cyclical growth prospects, 10Q reports and annual report, etc.

While investing in funds approved by NBP you can be confident that your investment will contribute to a more stable, healthy and sustainable economy and environment while preserving a better future for all of us.

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Services to Mutual Funds or Investment Groups

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NBP is staffed with experienced business operators, officials, scientists, conservationists, realtors, academics, consultants, etc. We provide broad or specific, custom business and science services to select mutual funds or investment groups. We are able to provide project planning and design, field research, project location services, management and implementation services. NBP can visit domestic or international sites as needed to assess parameters important to the success of the fund’s underlying assets. We can assess and increase the sustainability, community support, societal value, conservation impact and financial value of a fund’s investment or potential investment.

NBP can act as a fiduciary and research and perform business, regulatory, fund criteria adherence, bylaw, biological and scientific due diligence on a green mutual fund’s domestic, international, existing or potential projects, partners or partnerships.

NBP represents or may be in negotiations with various large domestic or international land or farm owners who are interested in selling their lands to responsible parties including certain funds with compatible philosophies. Please ask us about our land offerings and see our property listings for raw or preliminary project ideas.

NBP is available to discuss any broad or specific needs your fund or investment group may have.

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