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Donators and Tax Savings
National Biodiversity Parks, Inc. (NBP) is a US based, 501 (c) 3 corporation (Non-profit Organization). Donations to NBP are tax deductible. If you are considering a donation of capital, stocks, property, land or assets please consider our worthy mission. National Biodiversity Parks welcomes and needs donations to provide and expand our unique mixture of projects, services and concepts. We are experienced in favorable tax deduction implications for a benefactor when a donation of capital or assets is made.

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Proper letters or receipts acknowledging your donation will be prepared for your tax return or estate planning preparation.
Please contact us and we will reach out to you, thank you.

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National Biodiversity Parks, Inc. really needs your involvement on various important projects; these initiatives will show results if your energy and talents are merged with our mission.

NBPstrives to create asteady and consistent pursuit of our meaningful projects and initiatives; this can be difficult without an enthusiastic group of like-minded people. Dedicated volunteers are integral to the progress of our worthy mission.

We needpassionate,open-mindedand fun loving people with all levels of time commitment, experience and skill levels to make a difference. We also welcome organizations, groups, retirees,citizens of various countries, educators and their students to join us as volunteers.

Please look through our website to think about a project or initiative that really excites you. Your goals, interests and experience will be discussed to reach a mutual agreement on how you can become an integral part of our team that will make a difference.

As we grow we expect to hire willing personnel from our pool of volunteers.

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Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering, thank you.

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