Conservation Land Investments for Individuals; Private Partnerships

Certain large parcels of land possess substantial natural resources of increasing economic and societal value. Open space areas protect valuable watersheds, forests, a healthy biodiversity,
and recreational assets while helping ensure resources and food production important to local communities.

The conservation field, dominated by non-profits with narrow missions, have insufficient capital and operational capacity to purchase and optimally manage much of the remaining open space that is best utilized in a sustainable manner. National Biodiversity Parks (NBP) is dedicated to fostering a unique, pragmatic business philosophy coupled with a funding method that enables individual investors to directly but passively participate in meaningful sustainable projects.

In the past individuals could not easily participate in conserving valuable lands while concurrently producing a financial return. NBP provides a novel and structured method for responsible individuals to pool capital and purchase valuable, quality lands that will yield competitive capital returns within a sustainable framework.

If you are an individual or corporate entity that would prefer to solely own and manage a sustainable property, or with only NBP as a partner, please see our Sustainable Land Projects page or contact NBP via the form below.

Select large tracts are ideal for supporting sustainable community-based business models centered around agriculture, silviculture, ecotourism, government investment, education, research, corporate partnerships, grant projects, aquifer protection, recreation, resource extractment and carbon storage.

Expansive properties can be purchased and managed at a much lower cost per acre/hectare by a group that includes NBP due to economies of scale and our novel business structure. Surveying, legal and closing costs for a large property are reduced compared to buying multiple, smaller parcels. Operational profit potential is increased with large parcels as they produce more renewable products giving them pricing and purchasing power.

NBP acts as the General Partner while investors are Limited Partners greatly reducing their liability; this hybrid partnership has deserved tax benefits. Some portion of an individual’s committed monies may be tax deductible. An individual’s investment capital is secured by the partnership agreement and the property itself.

Domestic and international properties with project potential will be visited and studied by NBP personnel. Parcels rich in natural resources that can support vertical and horizontal integration of synergistic business models which will maximize capital return will be evaluated for investment. Our project assessors will then propose optimal parcels for purchase based on natural resource value and sustainable criteria. If desired, prospective investors and project supporters can visit specific areas during research and due diligence trips. After the partnership approves interest in the property, purchase or management negotiations then proceed. After purchase, projects may generate periodic lump sum returns and/or steady cash flow from several potential sources, lasting many years.

In addition to cash flow the equity value of properties should increase as has historically been the case; partners may be able to sell their property ownership to other individuals at an acceptable price. Certain parcels will greatly appreciate in value as societies realize the obvious economic sustainability our partnership has created. Local or national governments might wish to purchase the land/project at a substantial profit for the owners; the partnership may approve a property sale under these situations.

Partners in past sustainable land projects will receive preferential notification of subsequent opportunities.

Project development is necessarily time consuming and therefore may result in more investor interest than there are available partner slots. To find out further information and establish a preferred investor position with no obligation please contact us below; an appropriate representative will contact you.

Again, if you are an individual or corporate entity that would like to solely own and manage a sustainable property, or partner only with NBP, please see our Sustainable Land Projects website section or contact NBP below.

Thank you.
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