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National Biodiversity Parks (NBP) specializes in assisting you, your family, your firm or realtor in finding a buyer for your exciting property. We have visited thousands of properties and are especially equipped to market forests, farms, wetlands, sustainable lands, acreage, open spaces needing restoration, brownfields, etc. We have diverse, professional and effective methods to locate suitable and responsible buyers for your property.

NBP supports the implementation of sustainable forestry, agricultural, ecotourism models and wildlife projects by acting as a liaison between sellers and responsible purchasers. We offer services to sellers which may be limited to a website listing here or expanded to party introductions, vetting, marketing, guided site visits for potential buyers, assistance with negotiations, resource data base review, site assessments, business plan preparation, market studies, budget projections, photography, survey recommendations, local community support and much more.

We can provide the specific services that you need to find a strong buyer and reduce closing time on your quality property. Our services develop a welcoming, planned, incremental and constructive method towards building good relations, transparency and trust between the parties.

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The tax and donation supported land conservation field is staffed by hard working individuals who collectively do not have enough capital to purchase all the lands that are best utilized, for the common good, in a sustainable manner. By utilizing NBP’s services, sellers can greatly expand the potential pool of purchasers by avoiding limited governmental and non-profit purchasers and embracing the private party, free-market demographic. In general private individuals, investors and entities are the most proficient at producing profits from sustainable projects and can make acceptable offers for properties.

NBP and its conservation partners cannot purchase and preserve every property that needs responsible owners, sustainable guardianship or business development so we offer this listing service. We assist a limited number of landowners in finding suitable private, corporate, governmental or international buyers.

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We Provide these Various Services to Assist the Property Sale:

  • Information and Pictures of the Property Listed on this Website
  • Advertise this Website and Property in Strategic Advertising Outlets
  • Immediate Follow-up to All Inquiries We Receive
  • Highlights and Investment Potential of the Property Featured
  • Business Model Workup to Aid Buyers in Seeing True Property Value
  • Examination of Cash Flow and Net Revenue Projections
  • Assist the Potential Buyer in Visiting the Property
  • Accompany the Potential Buyer to the Property Upon Request
  • And More

Please contact us if you would like to get a standard or custom service quote to list your property for sale with NBP.

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NBP represents land owners who wish to sell their lands, farms, etc.

Land, Farms, Acreage and Sustainable Projects Offered for Sale

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