NGO, Conservation, Sustainable Development and Ecotourism, Business Plan Preparation, Marketing and Consulting

We can assist your NGO, conservation, tourism, hospitality, travel, photography or sustainable development business or project be more effective. NBP’s staff of business operators, managers, officials, conservationists, writers, photographers, and scientists have prepared and successfully implemented custom management, business, SWOT and marketing plans along with targeted and powerful articles designed to produce results.
We have visited scores of countries and hundreds of sustainable projects and ecotourism businesses. Let us research and prepare various articles, integral business or project documents for your company’s concept or initiative. We can also develop and implement your domestic, US or international marketing plan to benefit your business.

For quality small to medium firms we are interested in becoming your US, North American or European agent to give your company more safety, comfort and appeal to potential clients. We will act as your trusted fiduciary. This will pragmatically give your company global reach at a small fraction of the cost of opening an office. Your clients will also be pleasantly surprised at the seamless way we handle their important inquiries. You also receive the seamless benefit that we know the North American market; this provides quality service that is immediately recognized by your potential clients.

In some cases we can also give targeted talks, presentations and operate your trade show booths; we will act as your home-grown, global marketing department.

Please contact us via the following short form and we will start the process of getting you a cost proposal.

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Academic, Research and Field Station Location, Purchase and Partnerships

NBP supports the academic study of sustainable development, soils, forests, biodiversity and ecosystems. We invite colleges, universities, firms, foundations and independent researchers wishing to establish facilities on our biodiversity parks to contact us for possible partnerships.

Our land acquisition specialists can also research, locate, assess and facilitate the purchase of a parcel of land with your school as deed holder. NBP can locate a property in any part of the world that is suitable for the types of academic research required. Please contact us with the following short form and we will start the discussion of your project needs soon after.

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Government Liaison

National Biodiversity Parks, Inc. has varied domestic and international contacts or can develop governmental or business level contacts for you, your company’s project or your company. We will assist you with some or all aspects of your concept, initiative or project. NBP specializes in green, sustainable development, ecotourism, community-based, carbon storage or custom projects in various domestic or international countries and localities. NBP uses revenue generated from its clients for this service to fund its varied environmental and non-profit functions.

Inversely, if you are affiliated with a domestic or international governmental department, we can assist you in developing projects and locating partners for those projects or initiatives. Please fill out our short contact form and we will quickly return your inquiry and then prepare a cost proposal.

Donators and Tax Savings

National Biodiversity Parks, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 corporation (Non-profit Organization). Donations to NBP are tax deductible. If you are considering a donation of capital, stocks, property, land or assets please consider our worthy mission. National Biodiversity Parks welcomes and needs donations to provide and expand our unique mixture of projects and concepts.

We are experienced in favorable tax deduction implications for a benefactor when a donation of assets is made. Proper forms acknowledging your donation will be prepared for your tax return accountant or estate planning preparation.